Breaking down early and late-stage deals for the top 20 US VC investors

Ask anyone to list the busiest VC investors, and you’re likely to hear names such as Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz and Accel.

But who else is among that group, and how are they investing their money?

Using data from the PitchBook Platform, we’ve broken down the median round sizes and valuations for the most active VC investors in the US (excluding accelerators) by their early- and late-stage deals in 2019. Topping our list is angel investor network Keiretsu Forum, which has tallied 96 deals so far, though its focus on relatively small rounds has contributed to lower median figures. NEA, which is slightly farther down the list with respect to investment count, had the highest median early-stage deal size and valuation numbers.

Sequoia and Lightspeed are notable for their large late-stage figures, thanks to their participation in key mega-deals. For Lightspeed, this included a $300 million Series F at a $3 billion valuation for alternative lending platform Affirm, while Sequoia took part in software designer UiPath‘s $568 million Series D in April and DoorDash‘s ​​​​​​$400 million Series F in February.

To see the full list, click here. Early-stage is defined as Series B or before; late-stage is defined as Series C or later. Click on the image to see a PDF version of the graphic. For comparison, here’s the list from 2018.



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