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BluePointe Capital Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Nomination Deadline – January 15, 2020

By November 28, 2019Article

BluePointe Capital owes its success and existence in large part to the thriving tech community. Over the years we have been fortunate to become close companions with many of the brilliant creators whose innovations are changing society for the better.

In appreciation for this community, we are pleased to announce the “BluePointe Capital Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award” of which M.R. is pleased to be part of the independent selection committee. The winner of the BluePointe Capital Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award will be the candidate who best embodies the following values:

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  • Embodies commitment, vision, calculated risk-taking and capacity for personal growth.

  • Demonstrates perseverance in the face of adversity and to overcoming obstacles.

  • Has learned from disappointing experiences.

  • Relies on trusted individuals while showing ability to be an independent thinker and take risks in the face of uncertainty.

Positive Energy: Employees, colleagues, customers, and investors should feel energized being around this leader.

Passion for Innovation

  • Pioneers a new approach or technology.

  • Recognizes business imperative of anticipating and embracing changes occurring in the competitive environment through continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.

  • Creates a culture of innovation. Inspires others to keep up with the pace of change instead of staying with a day-late idea.

Strategic Direction:

  • Creates and turns vision into business realities.

  • Builds and rebuilds the team’s commitment to the common goals.

  • Demonstrates entrepreneurial maturity by building strategic alliances and surrounding him/herself with talented people—individuals, teams, the Board, and a range of advisers/allies to ensure success for all.

Personal Integrity/Influence:

  • Leads by example.

  • Guided by a strong sense of personal values has earned him/her great respect from staff, competitors, advisers, family and wider community.

  • Has potential to influence by contributing something to the world that improves it in a new and different way and creates a social impact.

In addition to the recognition, BluePointe will contribute $10,000 to a 501(c)(3) charity chosen by the winner of the award.

Winners of the award will be announced on social media, our website, and in our newsletter in April 2020.

Nomination deadline is January 15th, 2020.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting award.

Nominate an entrepreneur here!


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