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4 ways to ensure employees transition into fall with high productivity

By September 13, 2019Article

If your venture is a vehicle, employees are the wheels – without which, the car will stop moving to the destined address. They are the most valuable assets of any business and none of us can deny that the key to a successful business is ‘delighted’ employees. If your employees are happy and satisfied, you don’t have to ask for their best, they will unconsciously start pouring the best of their capability.

So, undoubtedly, it is imperative to ensure that your employees give 100% to each task set out for them. If they do not give their best, the activities of the firm may get delayed and the entire operation management will go for a toss. Many companies irrespective of their scale of operations are now offering myriad benefits to their employees ultimately pushing them to work harder.

While rudimentary here are a few basic reminders on how we can ensure higher productivity from our employees as we head into this new season.

1.    Enhance Workplace Conditions

Most of your employees spend the majority of their day at the office. Non – feasible conditions hamper the mental well being of your staff and most definitely reduce their desire to work, whereas a good working environment augments their creativity and reinforces the well-being of your employees, resulting in improved capacity and higher productivity.

If you are unsure about where improvement can be tweaked, take a walk in the environment they are working in to see what might be affordable and useful enhancements. If the ambience and energy is dull, consider changing the lighting in rooms – to provoke an energy shift! Additionally, food is always appreciated, so a budget-appropriate canteen will keep your team in the office while being nourished and appreciative. 


2.    Remembering to recognize potential 

We hear this often. However, during any performance reviews, considering if an employee is playing to their strengths, goes a very, very long way. And, if you’re not sure if they are working to their strengths, ask them what they think!

Each person is gifted with a different skill set, and if they are shaped with professional guidance can turn into gemstones performing wonders in the given area. It might just happen that the person is put in charge of some other department which might not be his field of excellence. For instance, if you put a photography expert in the filmmaking department, he might not perform as well as he would in the photography field. So, it is important for the entrepreneur to recognize the potential of the employees and assign them such work which will pull out the genius inside them. Once the genius is put to work, the productivity undoubtedly increases.

3.    Training and skill refreshment: Re-Inspire! 

With systems changing, organizational charts pivoting, and software evolving, training employees in-house is a necessity. However, throughout the year, look for opportunities to use workshops and training to reinspire employees. By reminding them why they started working here, the growth they have contributed to, and where the organization is headed, will help to keep them excited and productive in their work. 

4.    Employee Appreciation Programs

You can’t expect your employees to give their best if you don’t make the effort to value them time-to-time. There are various ways of appreciating your employees, and employee appreciation programs are a major part of it. You can schedule it at regular intervals to keep your employees motivated to do better every day and achieve their desired goals. A simple, inexpensive option for this is to create posters/ flyers acknowledging the ‘Employee of the Week’, every week. Depending on your organization’s brand, you could have a lot of fun with this, both in the language and the images you use. Not only does it appreciate the efforts of the employee but it can inspire others to get creative, and work towards that recognition themselves. 

These are some of the most effective ways (out of the long-long list) to draw the maximum capability of your employees and trust me, these techniques, while not complicated, work brilliantly. These applications along with a morale boost can help your employees move faster towards the desired organizational goals. They will be more work-friendly and along with the upgraded profits and improved productivity, the smiling faces in your office are yours to cherish! 

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at ViralChilly. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.

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