2019 IPOs Set to Profit Big

It’s been a long bull market. But think back the companies that began 10 years ago, in the midst of recession. Many of them are now ready to IPO, and the financial rewards are set to be sweet, notes Recode. 

Next year is set to be a big year for IPOs, reports Recode, with a group that includes a proposed $100 billion-plus outing for Uber, as well as an IPO for Lyft and other listings for similarly aged startups like Pinterest, Slack and perhaps Airbnb.

Investors who found the money to invest during the 2008-2009 recession will finally be able to turn those bets into real money and sell their shares for a big profit.

Startups seem to require about a decade of nurture before they can evolve into public companies, which puts the recession class of startups on pace to IPO in the very near future.

But if you invested back then, you already knew that, right?


Clare Christopher is editor of SandHill.com.

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