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How to Succeed in Adapting your Company to the Social, Always Connected, Sharing Economy

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

“THE SOCIAL BUSINESS” explains how the C-suite needs to transform and operationalize a company to succeed in online trust and customer expectations.

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Mining Your Data to Craft Better Customer Experiences

Avantika Sharma, Partner, Analytics - Brillio

The best way to design memorable experiences is by listening to your customers and understanding what they want and how they feel. Here’s how to do that.

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How to Accelerate Product Development Through Customer Discovery

Girish Pancha, CEO and Co-founder - StreamSets

Following these three suggestions can help accelerate your product development and ensure you iterate with customer needs in mind.

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Scanning Solutions Optimize Car Rental Customer Service and Satisfaction

Bruce Ackerman, Executive VP of Global Sales - Acuant

Rental car pick-up and return processes are important factors affecting customer satisfaction. Scanning technologies help, including streamlining and speeding up transactions.

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Cloud Migration’s Impact on Professional Services and the Opportunity It Presents

Mark Hauser, Managing Director and Founder - Waterstone Management Group

Migration to the cloud is driving a rapid value shift for the professional services market. How can providers and software companies capitalize on this shift?