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March 10 , 2008

Jay Hallberg and Scott Abel

Winning with an Ad-Supported Model

The consumerization of the enterprise means software vendors can succeed with networked offerings focused on key markets. Here's how.

By Scott Abel and Jay Hallberg, Spiceworks

In the past, enterprise software companies have thrived with a variety of business models. We should know: We've worked for a lot of them.

So when we set out to develop a software product that would be supported by an advertising revenue model, several experts urged caution. However, we believed that the “consumerization of the enterprise” – corporate adoption of consumer-like services and business models - would accelerate during this decade and that it would start with small businesses.

Fast forward two years: Our product, the Spiceworks IT Desktop, has evolved to become what we call the “iTunes of IT” with a user base of 250,000, and we've added 50,000 new users in the past two months alone. But the secret to succeeding with a free ad-supported software business has to do with far more than just advertising.


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Parting Thought

“In a start-up company, you basically throw out all assumptions every three weeks.”
–Scott McNealy

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