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11 APRIL 2013        
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Jon Fisher Warns Software CEOs: Buck the Trends

Jon Fisher Want to know the secret of financial success for a tech startup? Jon Fisher, successful serial entrepreneur, investor, economist, author and CEO/co-founder of CrowdOptic, says the secret lies in understanding how the 80/20 rule applies to startups and lies in a CEO’s ability to be bold and buck trends. He reveals startling statistics about revenue potential for entrepreneurs and advises on fundraising and exit strategies.

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Cloud Open Source Trends

MARTIN STEINMANNeZuce offers open-source virtualized communications and collaboration solutions in the cloud. The founder and CEO shares his perspectives on virtualization, collaboration software and the latest open-source trends.

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Expanding Internationally

Shmulik WellerHow can a company with two offices thousands of miles apart nurture a collective startup spirit across both cultures?  The CEO of SundaySky, which has offices in Tel Aviv and New York, discusses the necessity of selecting a strategic location and maintaining tight communications.

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Salesforce Add-on Apps

M. A. SridharApsona provides add-on Web applications for Salesforce and ecommerce, which simplify working with data, filtering and reporting. Apsona’s CEO explains how companies benefit from these products and shares experiences for other startups in applying customer feedback to product development.

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Notable Quote

question mark icon“HP could be the next... if it were to develop a... which would be a cash-flow machine. But it hasn’t...”

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Enhanced Security Measures Protect Intellectual Property from Reverse Engineering and Software Piracy Attacks


Software monetization leader SafeNet, Inc. announces the availability of its third-generation Sentinel Envelope technology, which takes software protection to the next level in helping software developers protect code integrity, deliver strong application security and, at the same time, reduce deployment delays and overhead costs.

The technology improves real-time anti-debugging and anti-tracing capabilities with what is believed to be the industry’s first and only file packer utilizing a white-box-based secure channel that protects the secure channel encryption key from dynamic or static extraction from protected binaries.

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