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Notable quotes from AlwaysOn, SendHub, Oracle and others in the software industry ecosystem

By February 24, 2013Uncategorized

“I dream we could someday reprogram trees that could self-assemble a computer chip in your front yard.”
–          Drew Endy, Stanford University bioengineer in synthetic biology
“I believe that Silicon Valley is no longer a description of a geographic location – it’s a state of spirit. And I strongly believe that this spirit is being globalised. It’s spreading all over the world, especially Australia.”
–          Tony Perkins, founder, AlwaysON
“In the startup community, they’re on an emotional high from having killed SOPA and PIPA [legislation that would have tightened controls against digital piracy]. “One thing they don’t understand is that it’s relatively easy to kill legislation. It’s harder to pass a bill.”
–          Garrett Johnson, co-founder, SendHub, and former staffer for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
“We want to build a strong marketing product line but mostly through acquisition. That’s different than how we built sales and service, which was organically. We can go faster by buying. . . . The most important thing for us is we continue to buy these No. 1 companies.”
–          Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce
[Michelle Lee, former Google Head of Patents and Patent Strategy and now in charge of the United States Patent Office Silicon Valley Branch] “understands the critical importance patents and trademarks play in our global economy.”
–          David Kappos, director of the Patent and Trademark Office

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