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Notable quotes about Yahoo, Google, Silicon Valley and others in the software ecosystem

By May 6, 2012Uncategorized

“Cloud computing is simply a different model with the same old mundane computers beneath it.”
Chris Dotson, IBM
“Being a pundit in Silicon Valley is a lot like being in high school. It’s all about knowing who the cool kids are. Facebook is a cool kid. So is Apple. Yahoo is the loser kid that nobody likes. But wait, the bloggers say, this Résumégate is a serious issue. Because Scott Thompson [Yahoo CEO] lied! He lied! Forgive me for being less than shocked at the idea of a CEO lying. Steve Jobs used to lie all the time, and he’s apparently the greatest CEO who ever lived. … But the larger issue is: who cares about Yahoo? This company long ago ceased to matter.”
Dan Lyons, technology editor at Newsweek and creator of “Fake Steve Jobs,” the persona behind the notorious tech blog The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
“Silicon Valley startups used to tremble when Google released a product similar to their own. Now? Not so much.”
Ashlee Vance, reporter for Bloomberg
“It [Silicon Valley] is a center of creativity and collaboration, a combustible mix of one idea after another.”
– former U.S. president, Bill Clinton
“North Dakota should not be some cash cow for out-of-state, high-tech cowboys.”
Bismark Tribune editorial, referring to unsatisfactory software development work

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