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Notable quotes about SAP, Dell, Oracle, Apple and others in the software ecosystem

By November 7, 2011Uncategorized

Opinions this week are focused on the cloud and on entrepreneurs/startups. And there’s a comment about IT buyers. Do you agree with these observations?
“When we look at the participants in the market, we’re not overwhelmed, and let’s leave it at that.”
Bill McDermott, SAP’s co-CEO, referring to cloud offerings
“Right now costs are not the key issue in the cloud. Right monetization is the issue. That’s why every vendor – from Oracle to Dell to Apple – can call what they do “cloud.” But as usage increases 10 times, then 100 times and 1,000 times, what seem like small differences in costs now will become magnified into big differences in profitability.”
Dana Blankenhorn, business journalist
“ … despite the huge number of frequent data breaches, over the past twelve months senior management in many organizations have not yet grasped the fundamentals of IT security. In fact they are actively paving the way for more and bigger disasters.”
Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software
“It’s not easier to be an entrepreneur, but the job security in more traditional paths has evaporated.”
Brian Anderson, assistant professor of entrepreneurship with the Richard Ivey School of Business
“We know diversity pays off. It works for us …. I live in the Silicon Valley, and it has been challenged over the years in terms of getting its technical (women) workforce beyond 25 per cent. In other areas like sales and marketing, we push it up. But in technical workforce, it is a challenge. In many cases, these women also go off to start their own companies.”
Ms Robin Abrams, board member at HCL Technologies
“It is cheaper than ever to start a company. People are free or cheap because of the recession. Marketing is free or cheap because of social media. You don’t really buy servers anymore…the tools are all open source. Basically, everything is free. If there was ever a time to start a company, this is it.”
Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of, founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures, former chief evangelist of Apple, and author of 10 books

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