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Notable quotes about Mozilla, Salesforce, Facebook and Silicon Valley

By March 4, 2012Uncategorized

“The day Steve Jobs died, every auto executive slept a little better because the iCar would have killed the auto industry.”
Myles Kovacs, co-founder and publisher of Dub magazine
“I think we’ve just scratched the surface. Businesses are just now realizing what they need to be doing in [analytics]. I think they’re challenging lots of us to create more solutions here. Analytics is going to continue growing, but we’re not going to call it analytics but rather applications.”
Rod Smith, vice president of Emerging Technologies at IBM
“All of the cool kids are trying Ruby. During the last five to seven years, you were kind of ashamed of it if you were a Java developer. You were not the cool guy anymore. You used to be cool when you were 25 at the university, and now you’re 35, and slightly fat. You make jokes but nobody laughs. That’s a Java developer. . . . [Ten to 15 years from now, I see Java-based systems] being the foundation for more and more deployments, and a flurry of languages popping up left and right on top of it.”
Sacha Labourey, founder and CEO, CloudBees
“Look at [’s] acquisition pattern, the disparate platforms, the disparate code bases and their statement for complete integration, and I would challenge that. I’d say that is a dangerous line to walk to lead both the partner ecosystem as well as a customer base who is expecting that line to be walked and towed very tightly. It’s very expensive.”
Dennis Michalis, newly appointed general manager for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM
“We want to pioneer a category. We see the mobile world recreating the wall of gardens in the 1990s that AOL had.”
Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s chief technology officer, referring to Mozilla’s planned open-source operating system for smartphones that are 10 times cheaper than an iPhone
“People in [Silicon] Valley have a culture of helping each other without demanding something in return. This somewhat socialist-seeming behavior actually winds up pushing capitalism into hyperdrive. One of the things that most people misunderstand about capitalism, which Hoffman and Casnocha, [authors of the recently released book, “The Start-up of You”], explain extremely well, is that the ecosystem is based on trust, and trust is generated when people help each other without expecting a short-term payout. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be a benefit, but just that it is on time-delay.”
Sonia Arrison, a trustee at Singularity University and author of the book, “100 Plus”
“People are using social networking sites, such as Facebook, to communicate more than (they are using) mail. Facebook eats the web.”
Parker Harris, co-founder, Salesforce

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