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Notable quotes about Apple, Oracle and others in the software ecosystem

By July 15, 2012Uncategorized

“VMware, Oracle, Apple and Google are great competitors. We’ll respect them but we’re not going to fear them. This is our time to take back the dialog.”
Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO
“Google has filed a $4m bill of costs for Oracle’s third damages expert report in the trial over alleged copyright and patent infringement in Android. … For Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, $4m is barely enough to maintain his Japanese garden but it should serve as a warning to other companies thinking of filing lawsuits that ask for fanciful damages amounts.”
Lawrence Latif, The Inquirer
“[G]iven Apple’s continued lack of transparency and absence of a commitment to expand its cloud with renewable energy, including a siting policy that covers future data centre facilities, Apple still finds itself behind other companies such as Facebook and Google.”
“Make no mistake … it’s Perceptive Pixel’s potential in Surface-style hardware that could give Microsoft its tablet edge against the iPad. “
Chris Davies, SlashGGear
“Business is not aiming for do-it-yourself (DIY) big data solutions. Firms don’t want to be pioneers with vendors either, a significant reason why hardware and storage technologies are not and will not be the driving force behind Big Data…. Firms are looking for vendors that can deliver solutions and a data platform that can meet their time-to-market requirements. There is a very high price tag associated with the army of programmers needed to develop and support Big Data solutions.”
Louis Lovas, director of solutions, OneMarketData

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