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17 October 2012
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BPMS Implementation

Serhiy Kharytonov and Oleksandr SukholeysterBy 2014, 40 percent of global companies will use business process management systems. Implementation requires commitment from the entire company and impacts corporate-wide IT architecture. SoftServe discusses BPMS and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) trends and factors to consider in the implementation.

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Startup CEO Tips

Guy SmithWhat marketing-related pitfalls do startup CEOs run into? SandHill talked with Guy Smith, marketing guru and long-time contributor, about his new book, “Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual,” and the wisdom he provides to help startups and entrepreneurs not trip when growing their company.

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Social Recruiting Tool

Pipalayan NayakHarnessing the potential of social media for recruiting doesn’t have to be difficult. HireRabbit’s co-founder explains how this SaaS solution will arm your company with a set of highly effective tools to leverage Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for your recruiting needs.

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September M&A Report

question mark iconWhat are the software merger/acquisition trends? Download our September monthly report to find out.

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