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February 26, 2014
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Hello, readers. Here are the software industry stories with insights for you this week.


Enterprise Tag Management Trends. Digital marketers are inundated with data from disparate sources, driving the need for enterprise tag management. What are the trends and solution differentiators? This Web-based service for managing third-party website data tags improves marketing campaigns and Big Data initiatives.


Jeff Lunsford,
CEO, Tealium


Cloud Migration Tools.Cloud providers have yet to understand the fundamental psychology of corporate IT, so how can they gain the trust of IT departments wanting to manage their portfolio of applications effectively at scale? But now there are cloud migration tools aimed to take advantage of the way IT thinks about its application portfolio.


David Cope, EVP, Corporate Development
CliQr Technologies


Hybrid Cloud Networking. VNS3, a virtual networking product, is the cloud version of a network security appliance, complete with virtual routers, firewalls and security. Read about how the solution creates “overlay networks” on top of existing cloud infrastructure to connect data centers and clouds to create a hybrid cloud network.


Ryan Koop,
Director, Products and Marketing


Microsoft ADFS Shift. The shift towards Microsoft’s Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) points towards the cloud and integration with cloud services becoming more preeminent. One impact: This will result in on-site and hosted worlds converging, making it difficult to easily define where the corporate boundary exists.


Tony Pepper,
Co-founder Egress Software Technologies


Independent BI Vendor Survival. Do independent BI vendors have enough critical distinctions to survive against software providers that provide BI capabilities in the context of other applications? Check out this discussion on where innovation comes from in the business intelligence space.


Howard Dresner, President and Founder, Dresner Advisory Services


Notable Quotes. “As businesses increasingly consider IP address management necessary for effective network management, growing trends such as BYOD and The Internet of Things are making it more complicated by... ”

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