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07 FEBRUARY 2012
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Leadership Yuvi Kochar
CIO Perspectives: Q&A with The Washington Post’s Yuvi Kochar

By Yuvi Kochar, CTO & VP-IT, The Washington Post Co.

What’s the biggest hurdle in rolling out a new communication and collaboration platform to thousands of employees? In our continuing series on CIO perspectives, Yuvi Kochar shares insights from what’s happening at The Washington Post Co.

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Philippe Bouissou Sales & Marketing
What’s the Most Important Number for any Company in Assessing Future Success?

By Philippe Bouissou, Managing Partner, Milestone Group and Mark Zawacki, Managing Partner, Milestone Group

Suppose you’re meeting a CEO for the first time. You only know one fact about the company - that it has customers and is generating revenue. It could be in any industry, anywhere in the world, and any size - a startup or a multibillion multinational. If you could ask the CEO for only one number to assess the future success of his or her business, what number would you ask for?

More importantly, are you using the right number to assess your own company’s future success?

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Paul Ressler Sales & Marketing
Three Steps to Improved SaaS Account Growth

By Paul Ressler, Principal, The Cirrostratus Group

Is your company happy with its SaaS customer retention percentage and the growth of each account? If not, do you know how to diagnose what is happening and why you aren’t getting better results? Here’s a methodical, three-step approach to analyzing what’s happening and making changes.

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Larry Steele SAAS
How to Evaluate SaaS Vendors: Five Key Considerations

By Larry Steele, Savvis

Buyers tend to evaluate SaaS differently from other technology solutions because of its subscription model. Uppermost on their minds is the fact that all they have to do is point, click and buy SaaS for a specific number of users, and they’re off to the races. They view SaaS as a simple procurement that doesn’t need in-depth evaluation or considerations of the underlying infrastructure.

But that’s a big mistake. Here are five aspects of underlying infrastructure that buyers should evaluate before selecting a SaaS solution.

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$1,000,000,000 Battle Bedevils IBM
A big-bucks battle that began in 2009 ended in June 2011. It offers actionable lessons for strategy, product design, product development, launches, marketing, licensing, compliance, and exit events. The lawsuit was between NEON Enterprise Software and IBM. What are its facts and lessons?

Challenging Economic Conditions Change BI Investment Strategies
Big-ticket BI investments are being deferred, and organizations must find alternative ways to meet expanding reporting and analytics requirements, which are less expensive, quicker to deploy, and also leverage existing investments in analytics and reporting.


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