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12 OCTOBER 2011
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Top Five Cloud Myths, Trends, and Recommendations

By Tarkan Maner, CEO, Wyse Technology

Anytime something changes from one to multiple dimensions, perspectives and self-serving agendas, it becomes more difficult and confusing. That’s the case with cloud computing. The cloud is basically providing us with new ways of conducting our business and personal lives. But if you ask 10 different cloud vendors to define the cloud, you’re likely to get 10 different definitions. This has led to a lot of myths around cloud computing as well as differing advice about moving to the cloud.

In today’s new world, cloud dimensions have changed and become more complicated. Data flows are all over the place; what was once one dimensional is now data from any server or data store anywhere and within a personal, private or public network (or cloud), or within a government or hybrid cloud.

To help enterprises, SMBs and consumers more easily leverage the advantages of cloud computing, let’s first look at the top cloud computing myths and the top trends around cloud computing. I’ll also provide my five recommendations for mitigating risks when migrating to the cloud.

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RevealCloud Product for Up-to-the-Second Performance Monitoring in the Cloud Helps SaaS Developers Optimize Deployment

By Kathleen Goolsby, Editor,

As vendors deploy SaaS applications to the cloud, it’s crucial that they have the ability to see into the real-time performance and other critical metrics of operating systems in order to quickly and efficiently debug problems and optimize the deployment process. They need to get their SaaS products to market quickly but, more importantly, they need to eliminate the risk of revenue loss from customers leaving if an application doesn’t respond. But this monitoring capability in the cloud generally has been too costly or too cumbersome for all but the largest companies.

CopperEgg, launched in 2010 with the intent to develop a monitoring product to provide performance visibility into enterprise data centers. It’s real-time visibility and analytics delivered to end users through a Web browser. But they encountered a snag. There were no cloud tools that provide cloud performance monitoring at less than one minute. SaaS developers need up-to-the-second understanding of what’s going on with their app so they can respond very quickly.

CopperEgg’s tool, RevealCloud, changes the picture.

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Software Business Impacts from Machine Virtualization
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Big Data
The Drive to Zero Latency

By Irfan Khan, Sybase

Lowering the speed at which trades can be completed - referred to as latency - is a way to find an edge in stock exchanges and in the highly competitive financial services industry as a whole. Zero latency (trading at the speed of light) is the Holy Grail of this effort. To stay ahead of competitors, pacesetters in the financial services industry’s race to zero latency are reconciling how they think about technology. They are evaluating Big Data solutions that analyze the avalanches of data passing through their systems so that it automatically goes where it is most valued along the trade cycle.
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Enterprise Cloud Migration: What if We're All Wrong?

By Scott Bils, Everest Group

Current conventional wisdom suggests that enterprise adoption of cloud services will accelerate as service providers and offerings become more “mature” and “enterprise friendly.” The common belief is that, over time, cloud will in fact become a strategic component of most IT environments but that it will be a decade-long (if not longer) transition. But far too frequently conventional wisdom often turns out to be quite wrong. Adoption rates for new technologies tend to be overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term. Here’s a look at factors and unexpected developments that could dramatically accelerate enterprise migration to the public cloud.
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Big Data
Drowning in "Big Data" Noise: Where's the Real Signal?

By Kamesh Pemmaraju, Sand Hill Group

Most of today’s Big Data and analytics solutions are, unfortunately, mostly bolt-on solutions to existing ERP systems. Backward-looking reporting is useful to some degree, but busy managers and end users still lack real-time actionable information. Thus many of these solutions have questionable value and are a harder sell to users who are very cautious about IT spending in tough economic times. Let’s not forget that Big Data infrastructure and platforms are equally - if not more - important to access, process, and managing petabytes of data. Cloud architectures are the way forward; but this is still a very immature area.
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Sales & Marketing
From Sales Ops to Special Ops: The Future of Sales Operations

By Britton Manasco, Manasco Marketing

As top technology companies engaged in a complex sale have discovered, sales ops is a critical and increasingly advanced discipline. According to research firm IDC, sales operations is a key driver of sales productivity - a key objective in the face of rising sales costs, lengthening sales cycles, and increasingly demanding buyers. However, many of today's sales ops teams are ill equipped to rise to the challenge. Sales ops must lay the groundwork for the next stage of growth, made possible by a new group of reps engaged in repeatable and consistent behaviors.
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