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13 MARCH 2012
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Mobile Jeanniey Mullen
World’s Largest Newsstand Pushes the Envelope in Mobile

By Jeanniey Mullen, Chief Marketing Officer, Zinio

Creating a flawless and sustainable mobile app in the midst of a myriad of changing hardware and software requirements requires a strong commitment to success. One lesson Zinio learned early on is that getting the content, and the app itself, distributed on multiple platforms requires relationship building with many sets of partners. From device manufacturers to the operating system owners and even the mobile network carriers, all three are critical to a successful strategy. If your company is going mobile, you’ll benefit from the insights in this article.

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Shirish Deodhar Leadership
CEO Attributes for Leading a Company from Launch to Success

By Shirish Deodhar, Co-Founder and CEO, InnovizeTech Software

Earlier in his career, InnovizeTech’s CEO and co-founder Shirish Deodhar founded two IT services companies, which had successful exits to Symantec Corp. and Symphony Services. Deodhar is also the author of the book, “From Entrepreneurs to Leaders.” In this article, he shares with SandHill readers his insights on four key attributes of CEOs in early-stage companies along with the biggest CEO pitfalls in the startup phase and the mid-stage growth phase.

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Darren Cunningham Cloud
A Business Intelligence Renaissance: Howard Dresner Shares His Wisdom

By Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing, Informatica Cloud

Analytics and business intelligence is back in the top spot in Gartner’s Top 10 CIO Business and Technology Predictions. Darren interviews Howard Dresner of Dresner Advisory Services on what’s driving innovation in business intelligence, why this market is buzzing again and how cloud-based BI/analytics will change over the next three to five years.

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Sylvain Boyer Cloud
To the Cloud - or Not

By Sylvain Boyer, VP, Products and Marketing, CentriLogic

Is cloud computing the most appropriate solution for your applications? Many midsize and large companies are finding that a hybrid hosting solution - which combines cloud, virtualization, hardware and co-location - are more appropriate in certain instances. Read about some real-world examples of how the hybrid model is playing out.

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Anurag Wadehra Sales & Marketing
An Inside Look at Baynote’s Innovative Communication Program for Messaging around Value

By Kathleen Goolsby, Editor,

How effective are your employees - and even your executives - at telling your company’s “story” about the way your company provides value for its customers? Can all employees tie what they’re doing on a day-to-day level - no matter their function - to how their work eventually affects customers? Are your company’s marketing claims more like shelfware - they just look pretty?.

Silicon Valley-based Baynote implemented an innovative - and lean - approach to training people company-wide on messaging about Baynote’s story and value. Here are the four steps to implement a similar program at your company, along with a description of the cultural foundation that’s crucial for success in any innovation endeavor.

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