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19 OCTOBER 2011
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Big Data
Big Data Delivers Big Business Value

By Sohaib Abbasi, CEO, Informatica

How did Visa reduce its risk-modeling time from one month to 13 minutes? How did a top telecommunications leader reduce its maintenance costs by 60 percent and increase its revenues by 30 percent? What is the most common mistake made by IT organizations in data-integration projects? Find out the answers and much more in this article.

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Notable Quotes

We hope you’ll enjoy this informative and provocative new feature on the SandHill site. Each Monday morning we’ll bring you notable statements made recently in the media about the players and trends in the software ecosystem. Be sure to check for your marketplace rivals’ quotes – and maybe even you or your company will be quoted.

This week’s quotes about software development point to skewed vision, lack of professionalism and a prediction about the future success of programmers.

Be sure to post your comments about your perspectives on these notable quotes.

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Indian Software Startups Similar to Excitement of Late-90s Silicon Valley

By Sharad Sharma, NASSCOM Product Forum and M.R. Rangaswami, Sand Hill Group

Does it matter if a software product’s maker is domiciled in Estonia or Calcutta? Not to software buyers since the world is flat. But it matters to software vendors who want to keep their competitors on their radar screen or look for new alliances or acquisitions. Here’s why the new – and exploding – software products industry in India should be on Silicon Valley vendor and venture capitalist radar screens.

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Don't Forget to Share Your Opinions

One of the functionalities on our new SandHill website is the community interaction through comments posted about articles. Please be sure to add your own insights and opinions in the “Post Your Comments” section at the end of SandHill articles.

Britton Manasco’s article, “From Sales Ops to Special Ops: The Future of Sales Operations” drew particular interest among SandHill readers. As one reader commented: “So often, when SalesOps resource is committed it is in the form of individuals that can only dial in to tactical duties. The real trick is in ...”

Thanks to all of you who have provided feedback about our new SandHill website! For those who haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you’ll love how easy it is to navigate the site through topics and channels that take you to exactly the type of information you’re seeking. We’ll continue improving the site, so we’re grateful for ongoing feedback.

Software Ecosystem Thriving in India's Enormous Mobility Market

By Praveen Bhadada, Director – Global Consulting, Zinnov Management Consulting and Anurag Verma, Consultant, Zinnov Management Consulting

Enterprise mobility and mobile systems and apps are a hot topic in the U.S. software industry.  But what did the findings in the first-ever study on India’s enterprise mobility market reveal?

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