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December 1, 2010

Ken BenderThe State of Software M&A: A New Mindset

A look at the latest data shows an uptick in software M&A volume and valuations but  the real story is the new mindset buyers and sellers are bringing to the table.

By Ken Bender, Software Equity Group

It was estimated several years ago that some 65% of software acquisitions over the past 20 years did not come close to yielding the benefits or returns acquirers anticipated. As such, they were viewed as failures due to a plethora of contributing factors, including misguided strategy, grossly inadequate integration planning, poor due diligence, culture clashes... it’s a long list. Whether the percentage is accurate or not, few will dispute that trillions of dollars spent on mergers and acquisitions have, in many cases, yielded very disappointing returns.

Of course, there have been many thousands of software transactions in the past decade that have met or exceeded expectations, and a good number have proven to be enormously successful. Those wins helped assuage the disappointing returns and write-offs of prior deals, and motivate public software companies and private equity/growth equity firms to continue buying. In the go-go days of the last decade, particularly 1999 – 2001 and 2006 – 2007, it was easier to focus on the wins, and write-off the losses.

But a long, brutal and scary recession has chastened buyers, and has made the historically acceptable mortality rate unacceptable going forward. An analysis of the latest data shows that software buyers are still buying, but a qualitative assessment of thee nvironment reveals that M&A thinking and approach has changed.


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Quote of the Week

“[Google] worked hard to do the right thing by our users and our industry... making it easy for users to take their data with them when they switch services.”

- A Google representative after being targeted by an EU antitrust probe.

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