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September 18, 2006

Tom Taulli

The Software IPO Outlook

After years of M&A and LBO exits, the rare "software IPO" may be making a comeback in the coming year.

By Tom Taulli

"I think we have reached the bottom in enterprise software In the IPO market, I think there will be some software offerings for investors to get excited about...

Paul Hollands words came like music to the ears of software investors. And Holland should know. As a general partner at the venture capital firm, Foundation Capital, he holds a grounded perspective on the software market. During the 1990s, he helped bring two software companies public: Kana Communications and Pure Software.

Though nothing like the action of the pre-bubble days, the software IPO market is actually picking up. A total of 14 software companies have gone public in the past 12 months with mixed results - and new filings may be picking up as well.

The outlook for software IPOs is more positive than weve seen in the past few years. As the M&A/LBO shakeout continues, there are several key trends which will guide new offerings for the coming year.


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Beware the Missing Value Dialogue

Most software vendors would agree that usage is a critical factor in whether customers stay customers or move on. It is surprising, then, that many software makers have difficulty discussing the value their customers receive from their products. David Cannington of Neochange ties the importance of the value dialogue to customer satisfaction in this weeks post to the Blog on usability.

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