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24 JANUARY 2012
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Offshoring & Outsourcing Patrick D. Quirk
Understanding Cost and Talent Characteristics: From Gini Effect to Goldilocks Syndrome in global technology talent pool

By Vijay Swami, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Zinnov

2012 will see an increase in the global location and talent footprint of technology companies. A recent Zinnov survey explored the drivers and the cost aspects of this change. This article discusses the cost characteristics of global technology talent. It also examines the relationship between the talent pool and macro-economic factors.

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Critical Metrics for Benchmarking Software Companies

Sand Hill Group’s founder, MR. Rangaswami, is co-hosting with NetSuite a breakfast event on February 16 (8:00 - 10:30 a.m.) at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, Calif. Today’s most successful software companies leverage a variety of new revenue models to effectively monetize and drive value. The most effective software CFOs use real-time visibility into key metrics to optimize performance and improve decision making – or to identify operational weaknesses and inefficiencies to address.

At this complimentary executive breakfast, five software industry leaders will share insights into how your software company can:

  • Gain real-time visibility across finance, sales and service with role-based KPI dashboards
  • Understand the critical metrics needed to evaluate the success of your software business
  • Benchmark your SaaS or on-premise software businesses with standardized metrics
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Aaron Sasson Cloud
From Product to Service: Key Operational Changes for Software and Cloud Companies

By Aaron Sasson, CEO, GT Nexus

We are more than a decade into the IT shift we now call cloud computing. But actually, it’s still early. If you are a software executive leaving a traditional business software company or starting your own cloud company, do not assume this is just a different delivery model and it’s otherwise business as usual. It’s not. It’s a completely different game. Here are five aspects of necessary operational changes.

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Kathleen Goolsby Leadership
Zenga Media Profile: The Difference between Startup Winners and Losers

By Kathleen Goolsby, Editor,

Zenga was designated as a “NASSCOM EMERGE 50 League of 10 Leaders” company in November 2011, recognizing Zenga as a company that will shape the industry going forward. In this article, Zenga’s co-founder and CEO, Shabir Momin, discusses startup funding, employee qualities that can’t be cultivated or taught, and what makes the difference between becoming a winner or a loser.

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