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July 7, 2010

Ernest von SimsonThe Limits of Strategy

A new book examines real-world case studies in order to help understand the unique challenges of technology industry leadership.

By Ernest von Simson, Ostriker von Simson

Potentially destructive change is a constant in business. Some changes are foreseeable and avoidable. Others are total surprises. And, in a third category, there are changes that are fully visible like a funnel cloud on the distant horizon but inevitably destroy even the most successful enterprises anyway.

Despite the endless care given to business forecasting and strategy formulation, these virulent changes have recently impacted automobiles, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, telephones, and, of course, the computer industry.

Technological changes can disrupt even the most sound business strategy. The key to success is exceptional leadership.


New Podcast: Enterprises Take On the Cloud

Sand Hill Group's M.R. Rangaswami speaks with Paul Roehrig, Director at Cognizant, about the latest moves large companies are making in their quest to turn cloud computing into a competitive advantage. Click here to visit's podcast page and listen to the discussion.

China Calling: Software’s Next Boom Economy

Britton Manasco

Britton Manasco of Manasco Marketing Partners delves inside SoftSols and its expansion into the world of China’s software business in this post to his Blog, From the Front.

Four Steps to Increase Sales

Ed Tittel and Carl Edison of Wilson Learning examine the issue of prospecting and how you can help your sales team escape the “numbers game” in this post to the Blog on Sales.

Using Rivalry to Spur Innovation

When companies utilize rivalry to stimulate innovation, it can create a powerful positive force. Read how in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Poll: Strategy or Leadership?

What is the most important long-term driver of software company success: leadership or business strategy?
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Top Stories from the Past Week

  1. Supreme Court Hedges on Business Method Patents (CNET)
  2. Google Surrenders to Chinese Censorship Demands (ComputerWorld)
  3. Gartner Rolls Back 2010 IT Spending Forecast Over Europe’s Debt Crisis (ComputerWorld)
  4. Forrester Downplays Impact of Proposed Anti-Outsourcing Laws in US (Hindu Business Line)
  5. IBM Buys Stake in China’s Bright Oceans (Yahoo!)

The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: Tech industries and their takeover.

VC Activity: Eucalyptus Systems closes $20 million investment round.

M&A Deals: Google buys travel software company ITA.

Executive Moves: Aubrey Smoot becomes Vice President of Business Development at Apptix.

Quote of the Week

“As a company we aspire to make information available to users everywhere, including China. It’s why we have worked so hard to keep alive, as well as to continue our research and development work in China.”

- Google on expanding in consideration to Chinese censorship.

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