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The future of marketing automation software

Dipti Parmar, Digital PR Strategist & Account Manager - Preceptist

How can marketing technology keep pace with increasing customer expectations and empower brands to respond to changing trends? And how does marketing automation help?

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Top enterprises use cloud strategic sourcing tech to build impact-driven culture

Stan Garber, Co-founder, Chief Customer Officer and President - Scout RFP

How are organizations that prioritize impact-based strategic-sourcing decisions better positioned to meet goals?

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Dresner’s Point: Boosting User Adoption is a Critical Success Distinction in Business Intelligence

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

What is the greatest contributor to user adoption? How is “success” in busines intelligence determined? What is needed for BI programs to succeed strategically?

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Here’s What Your Data Breach Incident Response Should Look Like

Sekhar Sarukkai, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist - Skyhigh Networks

Knowing beforehand what to expect and steps to take will go a long way to mitigate a data breach crisis as it unfolds. Here are recent mistakes companies made and steps for an effective incident response plan.

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Review Strategies and the Customer Experience

Jeev Trika, CEO -

What should software companies consider before joining any review site? How can you take a role in guiding what customers say? And what can you do about a poor review?