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PLM, BIM, ALM and IoT software providers: how much do you know about customers’ cloud strategies?

Alan Griffiths, Principal Consultant - Cambashi

What software providers must know of customer cloud strategies.

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Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Cost of Customer Retention

This white paper from Waterstone Management Group explores different ways to calculate retention, the value of higher retention and how to determine the cost of customer retention.

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IoT’s adolescence: five predictions for 2017

Chris Kocher, Co-Founder and Managing Director - Grey Heron

The Internet of Things (IoT) continued its toddler-like growth and stumbles in 2016. Here are five changes in the way IoT platforms, security and other aspects will develop in 2017.

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Monetization trend: hardware device vendors transforming to sell “value”

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

What is the optimal way to address the transition challenges of the trend of transforming from shipping hardware devices to selling value?

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Customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost: deep dive into 2 key subscription metrics

Andrew Loulousis, Manager - Waterstone Management Group

Various ways to calculate customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost.