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The Mobile Future: Wearables

Eran Kinsbruner, Mobile Technical Evangelist - Perfecto

To get ready for the next Google Glass or other wearables trend, companies must rethink the ways they develop mobile apps and build their mobile brands.

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4 Things Enterprises Can Do to Avoid the Same Fate as

Jerred Ruble, President and CEO - TeamQuest

Whether your organization is an enterprise with a large internal project or is a service provider, consider these tips for a much more successful launch.

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How to Preserve and Increase the Relevancy of IT Application Development in the 21st Century

Ray Payette, SVP, Services, Engineering and Operations - Blueprint

A look at seven of the most common pain points in application development, the impact they have and possible ways they can be fixed.

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Tips on Selecting Quality Assurance Automation Software Tools

Francisco Barquero, Quality Assurance Engineer - Avantica Technologies

Software test automation cuts costs and reduces software product time to market through maximizing test coverage, but there are important questions to answer before investing in QA tools.

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Building the Scientific Method into User Experience Design

Paul Giurata, Managing Partner - Catalyst Resources

Catalyst Resources explains that for a significant UX investment to make sense, there needs to be more science along with the art.