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Eight Keys to Enterprise ISV Success in the Cloud

Darren Cunningham, Vice President, Marketing - SnapLogic

Having worked at both a start-up SaaS solution provider and enterprise software companies, I'd like to share the following eight keys to enterprise ISV success in the cloud.

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Rethink Your SaaS Channel Strategies

Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist - Gainsight

Unlike in traditional software where the channel partners had to have some level of technical expertise, with SaaS, that is not the case, significantly expanding the type of company that could fill the role. SaaS vendors need to stop thinking like software companies, and, when it comes to distribution, think more like they are part of a supply chain.

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Marketing’s Big Disconnect

Christine Crandell

The differing charters between Sales and Marketing can lead to their easily falling out of alignment and ending up with lost leads, resentment, and lack of cooperation between these two essential teams.

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How Chimp-Sized Software Companies Can Survive Against Gorillas

Steve W. Martin, Founder - Heavy Hitter Sales Training

Whether it's IBM, Microsoft or Oracle, every market space has a dominant vendor also known as an 800-pound Gorilla. So how can smaller chimp-sized companies survive against Gorillas? A look back into Silicon Valley history actually provides part of the answer.