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How to manage a successful multi-cloud strategy

Pete Johnson, Technical Solutions Architect for Cloud - Cisco Systems Inc.

When deploying to the cloud, companies used to have to choose between A and B, but they can now have both with a multi-cloud strategy. Here’s how to manage that strategy.

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When raising money, show how you convert investor dollars into enterprise value

Steve Weiss, Co-Founder - Grey Heron

How can your company reframe its thinking and pitch to speak directly to one of an investor’s key concerns – creating value?

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Unexpected factors that affect the ROI of business intelligence

Ilan Hertz, Head of Digital Marketing - Sisense

Why do so many organizations struggle to prove the ROI of their BI initiative? Here’s how your company can produce a more accurate picture of the actual dollar value of BI.

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Dresner’s Point: Boosting User Adoption is a Critical Success Distinction in Business Intelligence

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

What is the greatest contributor to user adoption? How is “success” in busines intelligence determined? What is needed for BI programs to succeed strategically?

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How CMOs Can Benefit from an Online Customer Community

Hunter Montgomery, CMO - Higher Logic

Online customer communities help chief marketing officers interact personally with customers. Here are three benefits and reasons why they are valuable tools to marketing leaders and their teams.