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Redefining Cloud Customer Experience and Driving Recurring Revenue

Singu Srinivas, Partner - Waterstone Management Group & Neil Jain, Partner - Waterstone Management Group

These four imperatives will help software customer executives develop and operate a new Maintenance, Customer Support and Retention model.

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SaaS Now Revolutionizes the Channel

Dave Key, Managing Director - Cloud

SaaS is requiring SaaS vendors and their channel partners to change the way they work together.

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8 Tips for SaaS UI Design that Reduce Churn

Paul Giurata, Managing Partner - Catalyst Resources

How do you design a SaaS product to become a habit for users? The battle against SaaS churn begins with these design strategies.

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Not Just a Pretty Interface: Why Looks Matter for Software Developers

Adam Wick, business development manager - Dynistics

Adding visual data display and refining your software interface adds value to the user experience and is critical to the ongoing success of your software.

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5 Keys to Success with a Recurring-Revenue Model

Kimberly Odom, Director - Vertical Marketing, Software Industry - NetSuite

What has allowed NetSuite to achieve rapid growth in the world of recurring revenue and remain a leader in the SaaS industry?