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How to Achieve Real Collaboration for Innovation and Successful Decision Making

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

This SaaS platform enables unique “real” collaboration for decision making and solving complex business problems and conflicting goals.

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An Eagle’s Eye on the Cloud: Early-Warning Systems for Cloud Outages

Gary Read, CEO - Boundary

Businesses running mission-critical applications in the cloud often don’t know if their site is crawling to a halt or their provider is experiencing an outage. This article explains three types of early-warning systems.

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Bessemer Venture Partners’ Assessment of the 2013 Software Market

Byron Deeter, Partner - Bessemer Venture Partners

The cloud market has experienced massive expansion since 2009 when published “Bessemer’s Top 10 Laws for Cloud Computing.” This article assesses the market and vendor outlooks today.

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The Top 5 Security Issues to Consider When Moving to Public or Hybrid Clouds

Andrew Hay, Chief Evangelist - CloudPassage, Inc.

What security issues do you need to consider when moving servers to public or hybrid clouds?

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Cloud Survey Reveals Significant Changes in Customer Perceptions and Plans

Michael J. Skok, General Partner - North Bridge Venture Partners & Marten Mickos, CEO - Eucalyptus

Insights on results of the North Bridge 2012 Future of Cloud Computing survey and upcoming changes in the platform-as-a-service segment.