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SaaS Now Revolutionizes the Channel

Dave Key, Managing Director - Cloud

SaaS is requiring SaaS vendors and their channel partners to change the way they work together.

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Why the Titans of Business — Wal-Mart to Dow Jones — are Investing Billions in Semantic Technology

Charles Silver, CEO - Algebraix Data Corp.

The Semantic Web is a “must” to harvest the limitless knowledge inside Big Data. Here are four steps to start the process.

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Dresner Report on Collaborative Business Intelligence Trends Reveals Where Collaboration is Most Valued

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

Where is collaborative BI proving to be most important? What are the core features and top capabilities?

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How HP Helps CIOs Adapt and Innovate

Dennis Stolkey, Senior VP, GM, American Region - HP Enterprise Services

The senior vice president of HP Enterprise Services discusses the biggest changes HP sees for the CIO role in 2013.

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Four Keys to Success as a Cloud Services Provider — Dyn Case Study

Paul Ressler, Principal - Cirrostratus Group

The Cirrostratus Group discusses how SasS provider Dyn achieved a 95% customer retention rate and an up-sell rate of 24%.