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Trends in Operational Metrics Show Demand for Greater Insights

Robert Reid, CEO - Intacct Corporation

Acting on these insights will help performance-driven software companies understand how to use metrics to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement in achieving goals.

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The African Lions: Moving Ethiopia into the 21st Century

Matt Davis, Partner and Chief Investment Officer - RENEW

Ethiopia is at a tipping point. These six components will help tip the scales forward and bring countries like Ethiopia roaring through the 21st century.

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Cloud ERP: Your Competitors Aren’t Waiting

Stewart Florsheim, VP, Marketing - Kenandy, Inc.

Cloud ERP solutions address the challenges current systems face in today’s new business environment. Here’s why you can’t risk being left behind.

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A Framework for Gaining Sales Velocity without Busting your Bottom Line

Dalia Asterbadi, VP Relationship Management - realSociable

This article looks at the impact of adding three elements to the sales methodology framework and three top considerations for improving pipeline velocity.

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Data Visualization: Changing the Way Decisions Are Made

Roey Libfeld, Head of Business Development and Market Research -

Data visualization allows decision makers to directly interact with the information that’s needed to make an informed decision. Here’s how.