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Data Consolidation and Multi-Tenancy in Financial Services

This Cloudera industry brief discusses three critical facets IT teams within financial services firms need to address when data and workload mix accommodate a multi-tenant environment.

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Hadoop as the Source of Truth

Shanti Subramanyam, Founder & CEO - Orzota, Inc,

Here’s why enterprises are shifting from augmentation to replacement of the data warehouse with Hadoop.

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Operationalizing the Big Data Buzz

This white paper discusses the maturation of Big Data, including why and how companies are utilizing it, associated challenges, popular uses cases and types of projects being implemented, including operational analytics.

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Evolution to Revolution: Big Data 2.0

This white paper discusses the paradigm shift with Big Data 2.0 to a diverse landscape of data driven platforms, each delivering unique values and abilities within a Hybrid Data Ecosystem (HDE).

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How Do You Hadoop?

This report focuses on 63 Hadoop practitioners’ responses to a May 2014 survey and presents information on complexity of data, satisfaction with Hadoop initiatives and more.