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Thriving in an Emerging Market

Tarkan Maner, Chairman and CEO - Nexenta

Veteran CEO Tarkan Maner shares his tips for building a market, a business, and a brand in an innovation-centric industry with a team of disruptors.

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What to Consider Before Pivoting Your Business to the Cloud Model

Peter Yozzo, Founder and CEO - ThinkHR

Here are five things software companies should do and five mistakes to avoid when making the transition to a cloud model.

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ISO 50001 and Energy Management Strategy for Businesses

Jon Rabinowitz, Senior Director of Marketing - Panoramic Power

This standard can help you mount an effective response to energy inefficiencies and rising energy costs and be an eco-friendly company. Here are seven benefits.

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Sand Hill’s Software CEO Outlook 2014 Study Shows Transformation Required

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

Read findings from Sand Hill's latest study.

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Software CEO / CFO Outlook 2014: The Complications of Change

The software industry is in an era of explosive growth. Though welcome, the growth disrupts the status quo and causes significant transformation of companies’ operating infrastructures. A key finding in our study shows software executives are struggling with maintaining equilibrium among operational and investing priorities that push the companies in opposite directions at the same time.