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Starting a Small Business with your Head in the Cloud — Unified Communications Advantages

Mark Roberts, CMO - ShoreTel

Here’s how unified communications in the cloud provides startups and SMBs a unique set of advantages.

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Reducing Menial IT Tasks through Automation and Provisioning

Dean Wiech, Managing Director - Tools4ever

An identity and access management (IAM) solution can greatly improve upon the processes that your organization has in place. Here are a few examples.

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How Identity Management Supports Third-Party Resources

Peter Parks, VP Product Management - Provade

Organizations can improve their business processes by implementing an identity management solution to help manage the growing population of non-employee personnel.

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The Cloud-Enabled Sales Force

Amber Newman, Senior Manager Marketing Communications, Cloud Division - ShoreTel

A newly developing set of opportunities is empowering today’s highly mobile, distributed, agile and data-driven sales teams, beginning with cloud-based CRM.

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KnowledgeTree Enables Sales Teams to Discover Content That Wins Deals

Daniel Chalef, CEO - KnowledgeTree

This cloud-based product provides sales enablement tools that erase the divide between sales and marketing by delivering the right marketing content to sales, making both teams more effective.