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Three Ways Mobile Analytics Will Change in 2016

Spenser Skates, CEO and Co-founder - Amplitude

How can your business understand how your users are engaging with your product? Here are some predictions for the mobile analytics space in 2016.

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Data Preparation Pitfalls and How to Extract the Most Value from Data for Decision Making

Prakash Nanduri, CEO - Paxata

Data preparation costs every organization lots of money, time and resources if not done correctly, especially with the growing use of self-service functionality in BI. Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls.

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Transforming the Energy & Utilities Industry with Smart Analytics

This white paper showcases how energy and utility providers can unlock potential service opportunities using a reliable predictive analytics solution across all stages of the business cycle.

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Is Data Decentralization the New Trend?

Julie Lockner, VP Product Marketing, Data Security & Archive; VP Market Development - Informatica

Data curation or wrangling certainly can help speed time to insight; but should the data be centralized or decentralized? Here are pros and cons.

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The Internet of Things Isn’t: A Thought Leadership Briefing on Profiting in the Next-Gen Internet

This thought leadership paper from Kevington Advisors describes the characteristics and consequences of the Next-Gen Internet (NGI) and how to find profit pools and thrive in the midst of the changes to industries and markets.