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Establishing Software Channel Partner Program Performance Goals

Rich Aroian, Managing Director and Founder - KP Channel Growth Associates

This article highlights common pitfalls of launching a channel partner program and outlines an approach to effectively establish performance metrics for your initial channel initiative.

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Which Customer Satisfaction Measurement is Right for You?

Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord, President - TOPdesk

Organizations are becoming aware of the necessity of internal customer satisfaction surveys for improving services. Which measurement approach is right for your company?

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Services Design for Customer Experience

Omid Razavi, Independent Customer Success Consultant

Successful services result in customer loyalty and revenue growth. Include these six steps in designing your services methodology for success.

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Mobile Payments Security in Western Europe

In this white paper Omlis identifies key issues present in the Western European financial industry’s approach to sustaining profitability and customer loyalty through their mobile and other digital offerings.

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Credit Scoring Systems: Data-Driven Strategies for Effective Decision Making in Finance

Viacheslav Basov, Data Science Stream Lead - ELEKS

The implementation process for credit scoring includes a number of basic stages. This article looks at the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.