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IoT, AR and VR: Taking a lesson from sports

Alex Hertel, CEO and Co-founder - Xperiel

In 2017, we will begin to cross the threshold of more consistent connectivity between devices and the world around us. Here are some predictions and a real-world sports example.

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What lies ahead for enterprise disaster recovery in 2017?

David LeClair, Vice President of Product Marketing - Unitrends

How will Disaster Recovery as a Service evolve in 2017 to ensure that your business continuity remains intact in the event of a disaster or malware attack?

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2017 marks start of shift to bare metal delivery of cloud

Danial Faizullabhoy, CEO - Cypherpath

This article predicts what will happen with cloud and bare metal in 2017 and discusses what bare meal architecture is uniquely designed to provide.

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Manufacturing software becomes add-on for industrial automation vendors in 2017

Yana Persky, Strategic Analysis Manager - Gemalto

Traditional industrial automation companies are looking for innovative ways to increase revenues. How does focusing on software and its monetization add more value to product offerings?

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Transforming interactions in automated banking

Robert Capps, Vice President of Business Development - NuData Security

Automated banking will transform traditional interactions, making the in-branch banking experience much like the online experience, but authentication will be a challenge. What’s the solution?