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October 9, 2006

Paul V. Farr

Tackling the Growth-Cost Tradeoff

Software companies need to keep growing ñ but at what cost? Smart execs focus on resource allocation and improving strategic development processes to ensure profitable growth.

By Paul V. Farr, BMC Software

Chief executives in all industries struggle to balance customer demands with investor expectations and manage tight budgets. But the software business is one of the most challenging environments in which to compete. The combination of constantly evolving products, business models and competitive landscape makes for an exciting industry ñ and lots of headaches for its corporate leaders.

There is a constant battle waged in the executive suites of todayís software companies which pits the need to grow revenue against the mandate to control costs. Managing this growth-cost tradeoff successfully involves optimizing investments in the engineering and support organizations ñ and rethinking how traditional software development processes can be re-architected to drive additional output.


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