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27 MARCH 2013
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Open-Source Trends

Lila TretikovHow can companies use open source to leapfrog their competitors? The chief product officer at SugarCRM explains the trends and shares examples of the benefits from OSS.

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Info Rights Management

Vishal GuptaOften, enterprise goals of security and collaboration are mutually exclusive. How can businesses resolve that dilemma? Seclore’s CEO discusses Information Rights Management trends as well as development of the company’s IRM product.

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Mobile Data Integration

Robert FoxAs the consumerization of IT fully dominates the enterprise IT landscape, how will device proliferation impact data integration and cloud-based enterprise apps? Liaison Technologies discusses how iPaaS enables building and deploying integrations within the cloud.

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From License to SaaS

Jeffrey M. KaplanTransforming a traditional software business into a SaaS model requires a “change of DNA.” Here’s the success story of Callidus Software, now CallidusCloud.

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Big Data Chaos Solution

Ed ShepherdsonHow can a service-based business compete in today’s Big Data environment and maintain trust with customers? Coveo’s senior VP of Enterprise Solutions discusses the importance of being armed with the right data and insights and how unified indexing technology provides a solution.

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Why Google Analytics?

question mark iconAvantica Technologies shows how Google Analytics, utilized correctly, is a powerful aid for online marketers and other users supporting brand building and demand generation.

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BI = Better Decisions?

Howard DresnerMaking better business decisions is the top goal of business intelligence. But good BI doesn’t necessarily mean better, or even good, decisions. Dresner Advisory Services explains how to avoid that pitfall.

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Notable Quote

question mark iconWho said: “I get more and more excited every day. I really have to make sure I stay grounded and I don’t lose my sense for reality. But for the whole company this is so...”

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Entrepreneurs and Startups Event


Join NetIP for their 22nd Annual Conference located in the heart of San Francisco!  For the first time ever, the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP) will be hosting a Fast Pitch Competition as part of this conference.
This event is designed to identify promising entrepreneurs in the NetIP community to help start new ventures or grow existing ones. If selected as a finalist, your team will have three minutes to pitch your idea.
Coaching and feedback will be provided by a panel of distinguished judges consisting of investors and senior business leaders. Submissions are due by Wednesday, May 1, 2013, so enter today!

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New White Paper: How to Enhance Traditional BI Architecture to Leverage Big Data


How can a company leverage powerful Big Data platforms on a traditional BI system architecture? This Persistent Systems whitepaper answers that question and explains how making incremental changes to conventional BI architecture as a part of a Big Data rollout strategy can benefit a company’s ROI.

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March M&A Report


What are the software merger/acquisition trends? Download the March monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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Study Finds Software Companies’ IP and Revenue Streams are Vulnerable

  • A survey conducted by SafeNet and SIIA reveals revenue, IP, and reputations are at risk in the software industry.  See survey results here. 
  • An infographic by SafeNet and SIIA summarizes the top four sources of revenue loss in the software industry. View infographic here.

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Cloud Strategies for Software Companies
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