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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Arvind Jain, Glean CEO

Arriving out of stealth with $55m in funding, Arvind Jain's Glean is arriving to market with big backers who are keen to benefit from a work assistant that brings functional, timesaving benefits to enterprises.

VIDEO: M.R. Rangaswami on Angel Investing

A nudest colony, a 3D television set, and why he passed on Salesforce - M.R. Rangaswami shares some of his early experiences with angel investing - and how he approaches deals, investments and exits now.

5 big things to expect with social media's next generation

There are the known giants of the social media world - and then there are the emerging giants that have made their early backers extraordinarily wealthy. Here are five companies that have made headlines this quarter by putting a unique twist on social media.

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Quick Answers to Quick Questions: Mark Flickinger, COO, BIP Capital

As one of the most active and successful venture capital firms in the southeastern United States, COO Mark Flickinger, has an educated perspective on "where" capital funds and tech hubs are relocating to.

Mumbai-based enterprise offers family care during COVID.

On the board of Mumbai- based, My Family Care India, investor and author, Mahendra Ramsinghani shares the kindness behind the platform and how they are helping provide remote on-demand services for family members in India, while living abroad.

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