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5 big things to expect with social media's next generation

There are the known giants of the social media world - and then there are the emerging giants that have made their early backers extraordinarily wealthy. Here are five companies that have made headlines this quarter by putting a unique twist on social media.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Erez Zohar, CEO, Obsecure

With over 20 years of experience protecting organizations from fraud and cybercrime, Erez Zohar, CEO of Obsecure, has also served in several technology leadership roles for the Israeli Defense Force. Whether you run a big corporation or a small organization - Erez offers insights everyone can benefit from.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Divanny Lamas, CEO, Transposit

Starting her career at Google and as an early product manager at Splunk, Divanny witnessed firsthand the rise of big data and automation. Now, as CEO of Transposit, Divanny shares how "human-in-the-loop approach" to automation is providing a platform for engineers to solve their most complex problems.


The difference between birthrates following 9/11 and COVID: An Economic Outlook

The last time the world was unified in unprecedented tragedy was September 11, 2001. It rocked the world causing a spike in birth rates and corresponding economic shifts. Now, with another unprecedented time ahead of us, economists look at how birth rates following COVID-19 will impact the economy in the coming decades. 

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Quick Answers to Quick Questions: Bernie Wu, Head of Business Development, MetalSoft

As a senior executive at the recently launched, MetalSoft, Bernie Wu has been paying close attention to the changes and demands on the tech industry during COVID-19. In this brief conversation, Bernie shares his reflections and outlook for cloud service providers and enterprises with multiple datacenter infrastructures.

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