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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Matt Coughlin Founder & CEO, XSELL Technologies

Taking his customer engagement expertise from his work with Disney, Apple, Carnival, AT&T, GE, and Walgreens, Mat Coughlin founded XSELL to help others deliver delivered disproportionately successful results in their digital customer experiences.

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Quick Answers to Quick Questions: Joan Wrabetz, COO, Fyusion, Inc.

With an academic resume as decorated as her leadership experience, COO Joan Wrabetz, shares how she's facilitating the integration of a startup (Fyusion) with a multi-billion-dollar enterprise (Cox).


VIDEO: M.R. Rangaswami on Angel Investing

A nudest colony, a 3D television set, and why he passed on Salesforce - M.R. Rangaswami shares some of his early experiences with angel investing - and how he approaches deals, investments and exits now.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Raj De Datta, Co-Founder & CEO, BloomReach

What is the difference between a seeker and a customer? Author, CEO and Co-Founder, Raj De Datta, breaks down how organizations can enhance digital experiences to increase greater loyalty amongst seekers, who turn into repeat customers.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Tom Sego, CEO of Blastwave

Unlike many silicon valley CEO’s, Tom started his career in factories and manufacturing plants, getting a front-row seat on how physical things are produced. This background coupled with a varied career and love of first principles thinking led him to found a cybersecurity company whose mission is to protect customers’ crown jewels from the most sophisticated cyber threats.

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5 big things to expect with social media's next generation

There are the known giants of the social media world - and then there are the emerging giants that have made their early backers extraordinarily wealthy. Here are five companies that have made headlines this quarter by putting a unique twist on social media.

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