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08 August 2012
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Solving Mobile Security

Naeem ZafarWhen is a “solution” not really a solution? How effective are MDM solutions and secure containers for corporate data on mobile devices? You may be surprised at some of the nuances that impact effectiveness of mobile security. Bitzer Mobile’s CEO describes the challenges and how to resolve them.

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Analytics for Cloud Usage

Zev Laderman Companies find that using the cloud effectively is not easy. The assumption is that a workload in the cloud is the same workload — it’s just in the cloud. But that isn’t true, says Newvem’s CEO. He explains how to use analytics to ensure visibility into cloud utilization, costs, security, and more.

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Competing Against Giants

Tien TzuoXplornet rolled out Canada's first national 4G network and earlier this year launched its first of two scheduled 4G broadband satellites — and beat the telecom industry’s behemoths to market. Zuora’s CEO explains how the cloud enabled this competitive advantage.

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Who Said It?

check"Oracle sees itself as the king of IT. There’s just one problem ..."

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Two Reports on SandHill


White Paper: Why Sales Doesn’t Use Your Presentation: How to connect marketing to sales reality and drive revenue growth

Firebrick Consulting recently conducted a survey of 50 technology industry sales leaders to find out if they use the presentation materials they get from marketing, and what their marketing partners could do to improve the quality and effectiveness of what they produced. The study found salespeople are spending a lot of their time creating their own presentations rather than selling. Second, everyone in the field is telling a different story. The result is that sales cycles get drawn out, close rates go down, customers get confused and salespeople get frustrated. Then revenue falls short of expectations, and your strategy falls apart. This paper explains how to change those outcomes by making sales presentations and materials relevant to the buyers your sales team is calling on.

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Q2 2012 M&A Report

Download the PDF quarterly Software Industry Financial Report for a recap of software M&A activity in Q2, courtesy of Software Equity Group.


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