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June 11, 2014
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Five Sources of Software Pricing Pressure

MR Rangaswami

M.R. Rangaswami,
Co-Founder & CEO
Sand Hill Group

According to Sand Hill Group’s 2014 CEO / CFO Outlook study, meeting customer needs, the key to long-term business success, is a major driver in pricing pressures and implementing new pricing models. The report reveals new threats to software businesses because of pricing pressures and recent trends.

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Tips to Tune Your SaaS to Maximum User Experience

Paul Giurata

Paul Giurata,
Managing Partner
Catalyst Resources

Getting a SaaS v1.0 out the door is a big accomplishment. Typically it goes out with enough core functionality to acquire feedback and user metrics but is still ragged around the edges. These nine tips provide actionable insight into how to tune your SaaS to maximize user experience.

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Incorporation Advice for Software Startups

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen,
Associate Attorney
Lotus Law Center

The most important choice an entrepreneur can make is deciding which legal entity the business will take. That decision can have lasting effects on all aspects of the business operations. This article presents a brief breakdown of various types startups can take.

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Notable Quote

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"[With a valuation of $18.2 billion, Uber is] the most-valued startup. I guess you have to give..."


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