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13 NOVEMBER 2013
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Top 2014 Software Industry Predictions

Kathleen Goolsby

Which companies will be the most interesting to watch in 2014? Who will win in the clash of titans? Which companies will significantly alter the vendor landscape? In checking the pulse of the software industry as we move into the coming year we asked several industry-leading experts who regularly contribute content to SandHill to share their opinions.

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Avoid Big Data Pitfalls

Chris KocherIn this Part 2 article on avoiding Big Data pitfalls, Chris Kocher, Grey Heron managing director, tells how software firm Real Status uses Big Data to break down siloed information and increase productivity. He also provides questions managers should ask before embarking on Big Data initiatives.

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2014 Security Trends

Moti RafalinThe year 2013 raised many concerns about data protection and privacy for business organizations and governments. These challenges will ebb into new opportunities and risks in 2014, according to Moti Rafalin, CEO of WatchDox. He discusses three security trends that can’t be escaped in the coming year.

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Cloud-Based Security

Paul LipmanHow can you protect your organization from cybercrime, malware and digital threats? CA spinout Total Defense provides content and endpoint security in a cloud-based solution. CEO Paul Lipman talks about security solutions trends. He also shares the story of the spinout and offers advice for other startups.

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Software Purchasing Tips

Kris BrannockKris Brannock, executive vice president, Vertical Solutions, says the single most strategic software decision an organization will make is its choice of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology. She shares how to avoid shortsighted software purchases by changing the way you view your business.

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