SEG Snapshot: 2Q20 SaaS Public Market Update

Clare Christopher, Editor -

According to Software Equity Group's 2020 Q2 report - the SaaS Index has made a stellar rebound. Capping off the quarter at an all-time high in terms of YTD stock price performance.


SaaS KPI Benchmarks with Sandhill Group: 1H20' Perspective

Ray Rike, Founder & CEO - RevOps Squared

Initial data from the most recent RevOps Squared 1H20' KPI Benchmarking Research highlights that the ARR Growth Rate for 2020 is forecasted to be down over 50% from 2019. RevOps is investigating how B2B SaaS Benchmarks have changed in this pandemic and measure up to historical norms...(Survey + Report)

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Sirish Raghuram, CEO, Platform9

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

"Anytime innovation happens, there is a little bit of crazy involved." - Sirish Raghuram, CEO of Platform9, has been thinking beyond the limitations of conventional thinking with their open-source, SaaS managed, solution for years. And with an impressive roster of clients, in his words, "The crazy is working!"

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Covid, Curriculum and Capitalism: Sun Microsystems Co-Founder Scott McNealy Talks Computing and Innovation in the Modern Era

Shirish Netke, President and CEO - Amberoon Inc.

A conversation with a self-proclaimed raging capitalist and iconic technology industry leader, Scott McNealy shares his charismatic view on everything from COVID, Computers, Curriculum and Capitalism.

Business Intelligence

Making Sustainable Choices: 5 Ways the Tech Industry Can Go Greener

Jed Ayres, CEO - IGEL

Five manageable ways tech companies can improve their sustainable choices and have a true impact on a greener future.