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The Most Powerful Gathering of Enterprise CEO's in 2021

Clare Christopher, Editor -

An invite-only, charitable meeting for 100 enterprise leaders: The 2021 Enterprise Retreat

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(PODCAST) Building your Network versus Networking - in Silicon Valley and Beyon‪d‬

Clare Christopher, Editor -

Conversations with thought-leaders across the B2B SaaS industry, the Metrics that Measure Up podcast provides thought-provoking insights in an interactive dialogue on how data-driven, metrics informed decision making impacts SaaS company performance. This week's interview requires little introduction - the thought-provoking, approachable and observant, M.R. Rangaswami. 

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Sumit Aneja, CEO of Voxco

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

A customer-first, data-driven organization, Voxco CEO, Sumit Aneja, and his teams work to squeeze all of the juice out of data and insights so governments, communities and businesses can listen, improve and enhance their customer's experiences.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Barry Rosen, CEO of Interaction Associates

Clare Christopher, Editor -

CEO of Interaction Associates share the importance of collaboration, the shifting nature of the connection, and how companies can create better outcomes in the year ahead. Specifically - THIS year ahead when Zoom meetings aren't going anywhere.


Sector And Investment Trends To Watch: Healthcare Report

Clare Christopher, Editor -

CB Insights share their State Of Healthcare Report: Investment & Sector Trends To Watch, featuring updates on global healthcare funding, M&A deals, partnership activity, and technology that are gaining traction.