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June 4, 2014
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Sand Hill 50 “Agile & Innovative” in Cloud

Kamesh Pemmaraju

Kamesh Pemmaraju,
Senior Product Manager
Dell Inc.

The Sand Hill 50 is a list of cloud players that stand out from the crowd. The list is based on the fundamental requirement of business value and an evaluation along the following criteria: unique value proposition, ecosystem, investors and management team, customers and industry influence and buzz.

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Customer Experience: Redefining for the Cloud

Singu Srinivas

Singu Srinivas,
Waterstone Management Group

Given the recurring revenue-centric approach of most cloud offerings, a Maintenance, Customer Support and Retention (MCR) function is now essential to drive profitability within the subscription model. Here are four imperatives to develop and operate this model and redefine cloud customer experience.

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"I’ve always wanted to have a closer relationship with Microsoft, and now..."


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How Do You Hadoop?


Software CEO / CFO Outlook 2014There has been a lot of activity around Hadoop offerings in the last six months. This is a quick snapshot of how Hadoop practitioners’ responses have changed since Sand Hill Group’s last report Do You Hadoop?” in 2013. It is based on a survey of 63 companies in May 2014 and presents information on complexity of data, satisfaction with Hadoop initiatives and more.

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