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February 28, 2005

Software by the Numbers 2005

The latest data underscore the seismic shifts which are shaking the software business today.

By Tony Friscia, President and CEO of AMR Research

It is tempting to look at the recovering economy and cross your fingers for a big rebound in software. But most of us realize that isn’t on the way. The industry is undergoing a series of foundation-shaking changes which are undermining old business models and methods. At AMR Research’s Strategy 21 Conference held recently in the San Francisco Bay Area, we presented the latest research figures which underscore how the software industry is evolving into a new place to do business. Read more >>

Tony Friscia

Fund Your Startup

Your idea is hot. You even have customers to prove it. Now you are ready to accelerate. All that lies between you and success is the next round of funding - whether it is your seed round or beyond. You come up with the pitch. We will provide you the forum. Our panel of experts will choose twenty hot companies to participate in the Software 2005 funding forum. If you are accepted as a participant, the CEO will get 15 minutes on stage to pitch the company to a large group of VCs, bankers and strategic partners. We will also provide a table at the trade show to meet potential investors. To apply, click here.

Introducing the Blog has assembled an arsenal of 30 industry leaders to participate in a unique blog about software industry issues. Every week, the Blog will address a single topic impacting the industry. Then selected experts will provide their insights and opinions on the topic. This week: The Potential of Services-Oriented Architecture. Former McKinsey managing partner, Mike Nevens provides today’s post. Check back daily for more perspectives on SOAs. To become part of our blogging team or to suggest a topic for the blog to cover, email

Know Your Neighbor

The software industry is full of fascinating characters. Every week at, we’ll feature an inspiring member of our community: someone who has succeeded at work or in the community; someone who has left the industry or joined it. This week, we profile John Wood, a former software executive who founded a successful non-profit. Tell us about the industry leaders you admire. Email with ideas for software personality profiles.

Tony Friscia

Pulse Poll:
Offshoring’s Impact?

According to a report last week from NASSCOM, India’s outsourcers now employ 1 million people and export $17.6 billion worth of software. Tell us: How do you think India’s offshoring success is impacting the U.S. technology industry?

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Last week, visitors said their biggest concerns about the health of the software industry were stagnant I.T. budgets (32 percent) and consolidation (21 percent.)

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How Does Your Company Measure Up?

The CEO Outlook 2005 study from Sand Hill Group surveyed software company leaders on their plans for 2005. Get the full report and be sure your company is keeping step with its peers. New enterprise-wide and multiple-copy discounts are now available. Email for more information.

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Parting Thought

"A thousand things advance; nine hundred and ninety-nine retreat: that is progress."
— Henri Frederic Amiel

Courtesy of Malcolm Kusher, The Kushner Group

Software 2005 Conference


Aztec Software

Join Aztec Executive Forum (AEF) members for a round table discussion on "Building Next-Generation Software Profitably and Fast." Erik Keller, Principal of Wapiti and author of "Technology Paradise Lost" will moderate the discussion with Garry Johnson, SVP and CTO, Dendrite International, Stephen Foley President and CEO of Clareos and Shirish Netke, Head of Aztec U.S. Operations. March 10, 2005 2:00 p.m. EST. Sign-up here >>


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