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29 JANUARY 2014
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2014 India SW Predictions

Ravi GururajRavi Gururaj, chairman, NASSCOM Product Council, and M.R. Rangaswami, co-founder and CEO, Sand Hill Group, don their predictive glasses and call out which technology trends will have the greatest impact on India’s markets, companies, technology landscape, elections and society.

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Dresner SME BI Study

Howard DresnerHoward Dresner, Dresner Advisory Services president, discusses findings of the Wisdom of Crowds® Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise Business Intelligence Market Study. The report examined trends in BI market penetration, BI tools, vendor assessment, how BI priorities differ from large enterprises, and more.

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Software Sales Leads

Mark GibsonHow much did your company spend last year to generate marketing leads and why aren’t half of inbound leads followed up on in a timely manner? Mark Gibson, vice president, WittyParrot, looks at the top 10 excuses for not following up on leads and the impact of following up on leads immediately.

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Mobile Healthcare App

Ashish SethA mobile healthcare solution developed by InnovationM for a New York hospital is helping the hospital manage its chronic disease patients more effectively. Ashish Seth, co-founder and head of mobile services, InnovationM, discusses how the solution is improving the quality of life of these patients.

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Important Startup Mindset

Liz EltingLiz Elting, CEO, TransPerfect, says entrepreneurs and executives can’t allow emotions to take over the business process but adds that emotions could drive you toward your goals. She discusses how taking business personally doesn’t have to be a bad thing and how to use it to your advantage.

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Notable Quote

question mark icon"We have managed to get to a point where IT managers are saying: I know I’ve got these rogue clouds..."


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