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October 29, 2014
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Silicon Valley Pioneers Reflect on Unique Culture

Kathleen Goolsby

Kathleen Goolsby
Managing Editor

Cities and regions have vied to become as successful as the fabled Silicon Valley, but so far it remains unique. talked with five Valley pioneers about the early days when the culture first began to take shape and asked their opinions on whether there could ever be another Silicon Valley.

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Heavy Hitter I.T. Sales Strategy

Steven Martin

Steve W. Martin
Heavy Hitter Sales Training

The new book, Heavy Hitter I.T. Sales Strategy, reveals that it’s not always sales prowess or superior products that lead to a sale. Interviews of more than 1,000 decision makers reveal what separated winners from losers in technology sales.

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Content Marketing Tactics: Curation and Harvesting

Jim Burns

Jim Burns

Content curation offers great potential to address many content challenges marketers face. This article discusses how to get more out of your content and content investments by going beyond current curation practices to “harvest” the content you curate.

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Free Data Virtualization Tool for Data Integration

Suresh Chandrasekaran

Suresh Chandrasekaran
SVP North America
Denodo Technologies

Data virtualization products are designed for data architects that are tired of archaic data integration methods or frustrated at not being able to leverage the true value of their data. This article discusses data virtualization challenges and trends and how one no-cost tool addresses users’ needs.

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