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05 DECember 2012
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Sexy Enterprise Software

MR RangaswamiWho would dare compare enterprise software with Gangnam Style, the hit YouTube video that refers to an area of South Korea where people are noble during the day and sexy at night? M.R. Rangaswami discusses viral similarities and what will drive change in 2013 to make enterprise software hot.

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Big Data MDM Solution

Mathew ManatharaWhat’s the solution when Big Data amplifies problems resulting from large amounts of bad data? Software AG discusses data quality and governance, trends in Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, how the cloud figures into MDM solutions, and how they will likely evolve over the next few years.

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Big Data Customer Service

Kathy JuveHow should enterprises respond as Big Data and the cloud cause radical changes to customer service solutions? [24]7 presents four aspects of a “smart” customer service solution needed in today’s digital world and talks about its Big Data predictive platform created to solve customer problems.

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Global HR Solution

Tushar BhatiaWhich HR solution is right for your company? The founder/president of Saigun Technologies discusses EmpXtrack, its comprehensive, global HR solution; the modern elements of an HR solution; as well as the challenges for startups in identifying the right target market and funding product development.

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Flexera: Software Trends

Flexera: Software Trends

The 2012 Key Trends in Software Pricing and Licensing survey, conducted by Flexera Software, looks at software licensing, pricing and enforcement trends and best practices. The survey reached out to executives at application producers and enterprises who use and manage software and devices.

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December Software Events

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Have you registered for these software industry events?

  • Cloud & Virtualization Live!
  • Appnation 4 Worldwide Developer Summit
  • The IT Summit San Diego

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